Visiting with the grands

Boston Minuteman Campground

Lovely Boston Minuteman Campground–our first stop in Massachusetts

Our daughter and grandbabies drove up from North Carolina and spent the week with us and a multitude of cousins, aunts, uncles, and other assorted relatives and friends.  We all stayed for several days at a lake house in Plymouth, Massachusetts, thanks to George’s sister, and his cousin, who kindly made the cottage available as a gathering place.

We did not do anything noteworthy to the outside world while we were there–we just visited. It’s exactly what we wanted to do.  We did a lot of sitting around and talking while the kids played in the lake. We played in the lake some, too.

We watched the super moon rise over the lake.

We watched the super moon rise over the lake.

Waiting for the kayak

Waiting for the kayak

We did take a quick visit to the Cape (Cod that is) for fried clams.  It was our first foray in our quest to find the best full-bellied fried claims in New England.  They were not bad, but not great.


Getting acquainted with a gull

Getting acquainted with a gull

On our last morning, heading out of town, we had breakfast at a good old-fashioned diner.  The roof leaked over my seat, with large, slow drips of water hitting me in various places throughout the meal.  I finally had enough and changed seats when it dripped in my orange juice.  The meal was delicious, with real scrambled eggs, burnt home fries, buttery corn bread heated on the grill, and Mickey Mouse pancakes for the kids.


We then brought the whole North Carolina contingent to Connecticut for more visits.  My brother and sister-in-law were nice enough to put us up even though they were in the midst of a move.  We were introduced to the horses at the farm …


IMG_2352… and cooled off in the pool.



And then they headed back to North Carolina.  It was week packed with playing, eating, swimming, talking, drinking, driving (not together), and hardly a second to even think about blogging.  The next week and a half will be much the same and then we will be slowing down again.


6 thoughts on “Visiting with the grands

  1. How wonderful you have grands! And we have several family members from my father’s side at the Cape, in Mass. and inConnecticut. Looks like you had a marvelous time and there is no better time spent than w family or friends.

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