What the phone sees

We dropped off the trailer for service–our refrigerator is dead–and hit the road for North Carolina, feeling naked and incomplete without our little home following along behind.
We are taking a quick week-long trip to my daughter’s new home and then will return to Massachusetts to pick up the trailer and head up to Maine and the Canadian Maritimes in August.

While we were in Massachusetts, our cell phone contracts came to an end and we planned to switch from AT&T to Verizon for better coverage in the Lower 48. Unfortunately, we found that we cannot switch to Verizon and keep our phone numbers (or any Alaskan number) until Verizon starts service in Alaska, which may or may not happen within the next few months.  So, we will wait a bit.

The planned phone switch-over, however, prompted me to download all of the pictures I have taken over the past two years with my Samsung. Viewing the photos for the first time on the larger computer screen brought home two things: I live a very sweet and privileged life; and the camera takes surprisingly good photos.  They capture bits of life when I don’t expect to be taking any pictures.

Here’s a sample of my favorites:

Sunset in Haleiwa, walking home from Haleiwa Joe's

Sunset in Haleiwa, on a walk home from Haleiwa Joe’s.

Honolulu sunset on the same trip.

Honolulu sunset on the same trip.  I love Hawaii.

On a trip to Chicago, one of my favorite cities, the phone was my only camera.

The Bean

The Bean

Looking up into the Bean's reflections from below

Looking up into the Bean’s reflections from below.

Chicago at night

Nighttime walk in Chicago

I also had a September trip to San Francisco, probably the best time for warm and sunny weather.

Tugboat and Alcatraz

Tugboat and Alcatraz

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

I combined a trip to Florida to see my Mom with a quick trip to Puerto Rico.

Venice, Florida pelican on the jetty

Pelican on the jetty in Venice, Florida

San Juan moonrise

San Juan moonrise

And I used my phone camera to take lots of pictures of the incomparable Alaskan sky.


Icicles on our window


From our window

From our window.  Crazy clouds.

Sunset over the Inlet

Sunset over the Inlet

My phone, I think I’ll keep it.  Oh, no actually, I’m going to trade it in for a newer model.


4 thoughts on “What the phone sees

    • Point and shoot. You can’t go wrong with these subjects. But thanks for the compliment, Kamie. And George is better than I am–likely the source of Alexis’ talent!

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