24 thoughts on “Home

      • It’s mostly wooded, but with a good acre cleared and room for as many gardens as we can imagine. Some of the lot was previously cleared and is now growing up with brush. We will clear it out to plant fruit trees. And, there are some old apple trees that we will try to bring back. Lots of fun projects for the upcoming years.

    • It’s been a lovely whirlwind. George flew up to Alaska to send our worldly goods (those in storage, not in the trailer) across the continent and to wrap up loose ends. We have become Maine residents, unpacked, found veterinarians, dentists and doctors, sampled farmers markets, put in raised bed vegetable gardens, delighted in the former owners’ perennial garden, put up bird and hummingbird feeders, met a few neighbors, and just generally soaked in all the beauty here. Oh, and we’ve also had several visitors! We are keeping the trailer for now and planning some local trips in the fall but are still savoring the benefits of living in a house.

      • As an extra bonus, I went to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc.’s Farm and Homestead Day today and learned a tremendous amount about organic and heritage orchards (and met some extremely interesting and generous people). Orchard time is calling.

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