That Face, That Heart

IMG_3168Our beloved dog Zoe died last night.  She gave us more than I can express and leaves a gaping hole in our lives.  unnamed (7)IMG_0452

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed sympathy over Zoe’s illness.  There’s no need to comment here as well.  I just wanted to give Zoe a remembrance.  She deserves it.

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43 thoughts on “That Face, That Heart

  1. What a wonderful time she had while you were traveling and as you settled in Maine. I raise my glass to Zoe. May she and all the pets your readers have lost meet up in heaven and have them selves a great time until we get there to throw those frisbees again. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Zoe. She was so lucky to have two loving humans to love and care for her. One day she and Blondie will meet in doggie heaven and do nothing but chase tennis balls and swim.

    • We were the lucky ones. Zoe did get to swim in every creek and lake we camped near from Alaska to the east coast! Too bad she and Blondie never met. Love to Blondie.

  3. I’m so glad you did this tribute for Zoe…for her and for you. Besides the other doggies in heaven, perhaps she can say hello to our 160 pound Newfy/Malamute mix, Ubu…swimming, yes!!!

  4. What a beautiful tribune to a wonderful dog…they do grow into your soul, right? Zoë had clearly th best of homes she could wish for. And you are missing your caring friend forever. Love and Peace to you, xo Johanna

  5. So sorry to hear that. I know you said it’s not necessary to leave a comment here… But I feel like being selfish and thanking you for all the stories of your time together, all the adventures you shared, they made me smile even on tough days. I’m sorry that you’re in these sad ones now, with the hole left when such a loved one is gone.
    Toasting the indomitable Zoe in Macedonia.

  6. Sending sympathy from our collective home of humans and canines…. What a grand life Zoe had with you as her companions…full of adventure and love, and no doubt a life of belly rubs. Thinking of you, denise

  7. So sad, so sad! We are dealing with an old dog with health issues, and this post really touched my heart. Others in the comments section have said this, but it is worth repeating. What a fine, happy life Zoe had. And, yes, let’s raise a glass to her. As we might say in Maine, Zoe was some dog.

    • We are both ok, although feeling a bit as if we’ve been hit by a truck. She was an extraordinary dog. We’re hoping now to find a pup or two to train up to be likewise amazing. We seem to need to have such dogs in our lives.

  8. Over the years of reading your blog I could see that Zoe was a fantastic dog. This post is a great tribute to Zoe. I know from my recent experience in January that it’s hard to imagine but eventually you can come back to this post … scroll through the photographs and they will bring a smile to your face. My hounds and I are very sorry for your loss.

    • Thanks so much Steve. I know you speak from experience in losing Winston. I don’t think we will really heal until we get another dog (or two). Give your hounds a good ear scratching for me.

      • Due to a recent security breach here at home, I’ve had to make “Hounds and Other Stuff” private, by invitation only. Since you read the blog on occasion, if you could send me your email address I can send you an invitation for access.

  9. Oh no….I am so terribly sorry for your loss, I can imagine the huge hole she has left!! How utterly heartbreaking…huge hugs. Clearly your friend had an utterly fantastic life, far better than many people and so loved as well. If only all dogs could have such a wonderful life. What a character too….ahhhh… very sorry.xxxxxxx

    • Thank you. Losing Zoe has been a heartbreak. She was like a person in a dog body–quite extraordinary. And you are right, she lived a life that many people would envy. George and I feel incomplete without dogs in our life and, now that we are settled in a place we love, will be taking in a few.

    • Thanks so much Gin. You are right about the memories–right now it feels as if there’s a gaping hole in my heart, but eventually the memories will fill it in somewhat. And I’m glad that we captured some of those memories on this blog. We’re already in the process of looking for a new dog. We need more doggie memories.

  10. Such lovely photos, you have captured the glowing spirit of your beautiful Zoe. She will always be remembered as your constant companion through the posts. She is now at peace.

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