Aaaahh, September


Until the day dementia hits, I will remember this summer. It was infused with grief over Zoe’s illness and death, while packed with activity and visitors–an odd mix of sorrow and happiness.  It was wonderful to have our scattered family members come here to spend time with us.  We miss them.  So all through August’s hot and sunny weather, we played, ate, and explored midcoast Maine.


The past six weeks were such a whirlwind, that I was far too busy to do more than take an occasional peek at other blogs. Perhaps it’s a good gauge for me–when I’m too busy for any blogging, I’m just too busy.  It is definitely time to slow down.

Now, as the visiting winds down, we are looking forward to September’s serenity and chill.


Here’s a taste of August and early September:


Opening the hive with a granddaughter apprentice (thanks to my daughter for this shot)


Our other granddaughter looked like a scarlet apparition among these plein air painters

We took full advantage of the Union Fair’s free rides with admission policy.  And the animals were lovely, as always.



The two smallest on this ride belonged to us.  Fearless.

We explored a few of Maine’s forts and lighthouses.





Thanks to my daughter for this shot.

We even went to the beach.



We feasted on garden veggies.


And took a ferry trip to Vinalhaven.


We watched butterflies, bees, and birds.


Our first monarch



A butterfly and hummingbird moth on the same blossom


It’s almost hard to see the honeybees on these sunflowers, the bees were so packed with pollen


Everywhere we went on the ocean, we saw sails.  Someday I want to sail on one of these beauties.


And finally, on the first weekend of September, we brought home a pup.


Welcome to our world, little Capp.


42 thoughts on “Aaaahh, September

  1. Oh! How wonderful. Hello little Capp 🙂 He’s adorable. So good to read your post and hear you have had an overall happy summer, Brenda, despite the sadness of losing Zoe. Lovely photos as always x

    • It’s such a pleasure to have a pup again, Sam. And Capp is a real lover boy–such a mix of confidence, sweetness, and swagger. We still ache for Zoe everyday, but Capp helps. I’m looking forward to getting back to reading blogs again. From the peeks I took at yours, it looks as if you enjoyed your trip to our side of the pond. I’m glad.

  2. Oh my goodness, I got goose bumps reading this post. I’ve been wondering how things were going, and it appears quite swimmingly. 🙂 I know you will always have a special place in your heart for Zoe along with all your tremendous memories, but that Capp is going to make you forget some of the grief and start laughing again. And, what wonderful photos of the grands, the beauty of Maine, and all of Mother Nature’s friends. Glad you’re back on line, friend. Enjoy the September weather.

    • Oh, Judy, you are much too kind. Goose bumps–that’s a first! The past weeks have been packed with people, laughter, emotions, gorgeous Maine weather and sights, cooking, cleaning, and planning. Despite visitor-induced neglect and the drought, the garden has done remarkably well. We managed to process tomatoes and beans but now I am awash in eggplants and peppers. I’ll figure out what to do with them later. Right now, I just want to sit on the porch rocker with little Capp gnawing on chew toys at my feet. Or gnawing on my feet.

  3. I’m so glad your family and new puppy helped to fill your Zoe void. And now the full harvest moon is approaching, leading to a slowdown of activities for all of us. But we are off, tomorrow morning, for California Gold Country (the foothills of the Sierras) where we will be performing under the Harvest Moon. xoxoxo

    • We still miss Zoe terribly, but you are right, it has helped to be so busy and Capp is such a sweet grief-diversion. He’s a little bundle of lovely puppyhood. When he tilts his head trying to understand a new word, it pretty much melts my heart.
      Have a wonderful harvest moon celebration, Cuz. You never know, a little singing and dancing under that moon may be a much-needed balm to your spirits. I will think of you when that big fat orange harvest moon rises over our Camden hills.

  4. A lovely selection of photos of your summer. It’s great to hear that you had such good times with your family, which helped with the loss of Zoe. Little Capp is gorgeous – I look forward to reading all about him!

    • Thanks Wendy. Trust me, you will hear plenty about Capp. He’s a charmer.
      My bees have been going strong–a gentle, honey-producing bunch–but were hit by a pretty severe Varroa infestation. I’m treating now and hope they will be in decent shape going into winter. We are in the middle of drone evictions–brutal and fascinating.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos!! Looks like a fabulous summer. Everyone except the sheared sheep appears to be having a great time–even the bees. And as for little Capp, what a lucky dog to get such experienced owners–and lucky you to have such endearing puppydom to raise. Welcome back!

    • Thanks! Actually that sheep was happy–so relaxed and dignified. We will do our best to give Capp a great life and he’s already made ours better. We love our dogs. I was sorry to see that you didn’t have a good year for vegetable gardening down there. But apparently you made some critters happy.

    • I know, summer went by so quickly this year. But I’m looking forward to fall and winter. I especially love fall here in Maine and I have all sorts of winter projects planned. Time to nest a little. I hope you have fun plans for the winter.

  6. Oh, my gosh, I never saw that ending coming! How delightful – welcome ‘lil Capp! What a darling.
    Sounds like you had a few nice adventures this summer – your photos are so beautiful. I can’t believe the grandkids went swimming – that water is COLD!
    Hope we hear from you more now that things are settling down.

    • We were fortunate to get Capp and the timing worked out perfectly. I also was surprised that the grandkids took to the water so quickly–they are warm water kids. There was a lot of seaweed as well, but it didn’t bother them a bit. I hope you had a good summer, Eliza. I will be catching up on your blog.

  7. I was hoping to see a new puppy by the end, although I was beginning to think about the time you were showing the September skies that it was going to mean a week or so to recoup before looking for a new pup. A great name and a great looking puppy. I can’t read about his adventures.

    • Thanks Steve. We are thrilled to have a dog again. Life just isn’t the same without one. The timing worked out just right. Most of the visits are over and fall is a wonderful time for pup training. You will hear plenty of Capp news, believe me.

  8. So glad you are back! And what a wonderful post. Loved, loved, loved seeing the picture of little Capp. Oh, he’s a darling! Made me smile just to look at him.

    • Maine is well worth a visit. We have only just begun to explore it. If you get over here, I hope you’ll come by our place. Yep, Capp is a looker, with that expressive lab face.

    • Thank you Jean. We tried our best to give the grandchildren a taste of a classic Maine summer. Right now we are enjoying a Sunday morning downpour. Sweet, sweet rain. I am going to revel in what I hope will be a classic Maine fall.

  9. Absolutely wonderful photographs. You’ve captured a busy and joyful month in a handful of images. That second butterfly – could it be a Giant Swallowtail? You are lucky to have grandchildren not frightened of bees – they must take after you.

    • Thank you. One thing that I enjoy about blogging is the challenge of attempting to capture the essence of an experience so that, years later, a blog entry will transport me back. So, if you feel I captured the month–I’m glad.

      I think the second butterfly is an Aphrodite Fritallary–but I’m no expert. I seem to see the Swallowtails in the spring, especially during lilac season. I wonder if fear of bees is inherited, learned, or some of both. Whatever, I’ve always loved bees and spiders. And I’m thrilled that the grandchildren also find them fascinating.

  10. Oh, what a delightful post!!! Filled with wonderful, captivating things! Capp……I am smiling from ear to ear, what a lucky little guy, and how utterly adorable, you’ll have your hands full for a while. If he has a life like your beautiful, beloved Zoe, well….it has to be charmed. So happy for you, and looking forward to seeing him

  11. Oh dear I am so behind with blog reading. It looks as if you had a great time with your family. Welcome to Capp he does deserve a big Aaaahh he is gorgeous! Sarah x

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