We like change.  And our lives have changed dramatically over the past two years.  In May, 2014, after selling our house and retiring from our jobs, my husband, George, and I set out on a year-long RV trip, with our dog, Zoe, a new truck, and a 22-foot travel trailer.

Old dogs in a new truck.

Old dogs in a new truck.

We left our home in Alaska, where we had lived on-and-off for about twenty-five years and traveled over 31,000 miles through 23 states and 2 Canadian provinces.  Our trip is documented in this blog from April 2014 to May 2015.20130524-Test 1-5

We explored, savored the day-to-day pleasures of living without a work schedule, visited with family, and–as a side benefit–scouted possible places to settle down.   We were looking for a few acres, a good gardening climate, and nearby ocean or lakes.

We found all of that in mid-coast Maine–and more.  In May 2015, we bought a Maine hillside house with a view, old apple trees, lots of sun, neighboring farms, and possibilities.

IMG_1429_edited-1I started this blog as a journal of our RV trip and had no intention of continuing it past our travels.  IMG_1287_edited-1But, just as I wanted to document our trip, I now want to document our time working with this exquisite piece of land in an area of the country that is new to us.  We will be putting in gardens, an orchard, building a sauna and a greenhouse, and eventually adding solar and, perhaps, wind power.  So, this blog, and our life, is morphing from travel to putting down roots.IMG_1591

28 thoughts on “Background

  1. Even though we weren’t born and raised in Alaska, seeing your pictures makes my stomach tingle and the feeling of homesickness creeps right in. Looking forward to reading how your trip goes as we get town breaks on the AT and thanks for checking our blog out!

    • We weren’t born and raised here either but always feel that homesickness when we leave. That is why we always return. We have really enjoyed following your travels on your blog. Happy hiking on the AT.

    • Thanks on this end as well. Your blog is highly entertaining. Yes, we love our dogs and work around Zoe’s comfort on this trip. Enjoy your travels and the best of luck to you.

  2. I lived in the Yukon for 10 years. You could say I know a little about the need to get Outside. I used to go to Australia every other winter, or Vancouver. Still, I loved being able to put on skis at the front door to my cabin and just go for miles.
    Happy trails

    • Ten years in the Yukon–you get it! Australia must have been a nice break, we are hoping to get down there before too long. Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I am enjoying reading about your world travels.

  3. Oh the joy of slow travel I love it, no schedules, no time tables fantastic. We did a year around Australia and the scenery, people and places will be in my memory, and hard drive for ever. Safe travelling to you and Zoe.

    • Thanks for your good wishes. We went from a fast-paced, hectic life to this one almost overnight and it makes the leisurely pace even more pleasurable (and appreciated). We hope to drive around Australia someday and I’m making notes from your blog posts.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. At first I thought you are currently in Alaska but then you are wintering in St Simon, GA. We had our first summer in our RV in Alaska, and you are absolutely right, the beauty and unspoiled beauty can hold you back. But then winter comes and its another story. Im always amazed and impressed with people like you who survived and lived in Alaska for years.

    • Thanks for stopping by here. We left Alaska in May and traveled for seven months until we had to pause for rotator cuff surgery for George. That is how we came to be in St. Simons for a few months while George recuperates. We will be on the road again in March. People either love living in Alaska or hate it. We are in the first category, so for us living there has been pretty much pure pleasure. The big drawback is that it is so very far away from our families.

      I enjoy your bird pictures, by the way. The birds here on St. Simons have been amazing.

    • We are extremely happy with it. We love the layout–it’s very thoughtfully designed and has quality construction for a trailer. The kitchen has a surprising amount of storage and work space and the rounded ceiling is a nice feature. It is small–which is what we wanted. The only downside is that the dry hitch weight is a little high, which means we have to take some care in making sure we don’t carry too much stuff.

    • Thank you so much. We haven’t done much trail walking yet in Maine because, until last summer, we had an old dog who wasn’t up to much more than strolls around the neighborhood. Now that we have two young pups, though, we will be doing some hiking!

  5. Good Morning,
    I just found your Blog! And love it, and Zoe! ( I have a yellow lab and have a soft spot for these sweet souls)
    I am a fellow garden blogger, but also work for a garden site
    I would love to invite your to be a Guest Blogger for the Blog on

    Message or email me if you may be interested and I can forward you info and writer guidelines.

    I would love for you to share your gardening experience and perspective with gardeners around the world.

    PS, Main is my favorite place in the world, and we vacation out there each summer.

    • Thanks Stacey, I’m pleased that you enjoy the blog. It’s always good to meet another lover of yellow labs and Maine! I am flattered by the invitation to be a guest blogger, but I hardly have the time to keep up with this blog. I will follow along with the gardening blog (and yours!), though. I love, love your home-built greenhouse. We are hoping to do something similar next year.

      • Thank you so much for the reply, and I so understand–never enough hours are there? The offer stands if you find yourself with some time, perhaps during a winter storm?!!! Glad I found your Blog and look forward to following a Mainer Garden friend. Stacey

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