Kayaking at Byers Lake

When I started this blog, Zoe was a 10-year-old yellow lab–our loyal travel companion all over the state of Alaska and across the country.   She took on all forms of travel–hiking, kayaking, backpacking, small plane, and water taxi.

Backpacking to Lost Lake

Backpacking to Lost Lake

On the way to Tutka Bay

On the way to Tutka Bay

Through the years, she encountered bears, moose, eagles, sea lions, wild swans, loons, and horseshoe crabs.

She traveled across the country with us on our year-long RV road trip, and, when it was over, was thrilled to settle down on our new acreage in Maine. Fortunately, she had more than a year to enjoy being a semi-farm dog in Maine before she died in July 2016.  We will always miss her.IMG_1527

14 thoughts on “Zoe

  1. I love you Zoe Zoe! Tell your Papa to put some Frontline on you every month and get some heart worm medicine. Have fun baby girl!

  2. What a great blog. I’ve put it on my blog’s list that I follow. I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures with a 10 yr old lab. My basset just turned 10 this summer but he is more familiar with the ticks, fleas, spiders, some snakes and high heat. Zoe is a great looking lab, loved your photos.

    • Thanks so much Steve. It’s nice to hear that you are enjoying the blog and I appreciate being on your blog list. I will be following your blog with great interest to see when you take the leap. As new retirees, we are savoring the freedom of being on the road. It can be logistically challenging with a dog at times–or three hounds in your case–but we have run into plenty of folks traveling with two or three dogs. Happy planning and travels!

  3. great stories – thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to following along, living vicariously through your travels. I’ve also recently retired and have bought a 19′ Escape travel trailer – Love it! will be doing some longer treks next year…one being a trip to the Yukon, where our son lives, and to check out Alaska.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. We’re happy to have you along for some vicarious traveling! The Escapes look like wonderful trailers and that size is really versatile. We are really happy that we opted for a smaller trailer.

      We are finding that we are well suited to retirement–no painful transition for us. I hope you are enjoying it, too. If you haven’t already been to the Yukon or Alaska, they are amazing. If you have any questions about Alaska, just let us know.

  4. What a lovely adventure!! I’m so happy to see you still take Zoe along. How is she managing with walking long distances? Lisa, our pup which we adopted last year, is 12 now, and she’s becoming much slower by day. I can’t take her on long walks anymore, but we stop as many times as needed, and make her as comfortable as possible. We couldn’t leave her behind when we travel 🙂

    • Zoe goes everywhere with us. She has slowed down considerably over the past year and, as with your Lisa, can no longer go on long walks. My husband and I take turns with long walks or with visiting places that don’t allow dogs. We make sure that Zoe gets what exercise she can handle. She loves the beach and we took her swimming regularly over the past months while we were near the ocean. She’s our sweet girl.

      • That beautiful! We do pretty much the same, with Lisa. I know people who give up on their pets when they turn old…. I so hate that. That’s just not proper! Our dogs are part of our lives, and make our lives better!

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